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Spring Cleaning for Pest Control


Along with plenty of beauty— sunny days, greener lawns and budding flowers— spring welcomes a lot of bugs. A lot means tens of thousands of hungry termites and ants with one thing on their minds…finding food. To help you put out an unwelcome mat at your home, we’re suggesting a few extra activities to add to your spring cleaning list. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

It’s hard to find a better hangout for bugs than damp and dirty gutters. A big step to making your home bug-free this spring is to clean out your gutters*. And, while doing this, be sure to make sure all your downspouts are draining away from your home. You do not want water pooling close to the structure. Along with structural issues, providing a regular water source around the foundation of your home can lead to serious pest problems.

*If cleaning your gutters is difficult and/or dangerous, we suggest hiring a professional.

Clean Out Your Crawl Spaces

What do bugs do when you start your spring cleaning? They hide. And their favorite spots are those places in your home that you spend the least time in…like your crawl space. It’s dark, empty and often full of unwanted junk that makes the perfect shelter for pests. To make this area of your home less appealing to creepy-crawly visitors, take some time this spring to clean out your crawl space. And, just as important, make sure that this area is well ventilated.

Trim Bushes And Trees

Though not as easy to notice during the winter, the trees and bushes around your home grew a lot over the last year. Come Spring, those plants will need trimming*. It’s best to keep bushes and trees at least a foot away from your home’s structure to prevent easy access for pests such as ants, mice and spiders. If you have flowering bushes such as azaleas, you will want to wait a few weeks until they are no longer flowering to do the trimming. 

*To make sure you do not harm your plants, we recommend consulting a professional landscaper before doing any major trimming, 

If you encounter a pest problem that you can not get under control, call us at 1-800-GOT-BUGS. Our team of professionals has been serving residents in Northwest and Central Arkansas for 25 years. You can depend on Command Pest Control to send your pests packing…for good! 

Let us serve your residential pest control needs at one of our two locations: Little Rock (10401 Colonel Glenn Road) and Springdale (833 Jerome Drive).

Store Your Summer Clothes The Command Bug-Free Way

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In Arkansas, that first chill means spending more time on fantasy football than actually watching it, rolling out the grill for steak and fall vegetable kabobs, and winterizing the mower. Thankfully, these are all things we look forward to as the heat dies down. However, one thing you may be dreading – if you put your cold-weather clothes away in a hurry – is pulling them back out again to see that your favorite blue sweater looks like it was part of a crime scene.

The sweater may be beyond saving, but your summer clothes don’t have to suffer the same fate. So, keep these steps in mind when stashing your summer clothes away.
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Tick Myths Debunked

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Arkansas is having a particularly active tick season, making this an ideal time to get our facts straight about one of our most pesky neighbors. While you can have your own yard treated for ticks and reduce their numbers around your home, you’ll more than likely encounter a few ticks this summer, and we want to be confidently prepared to handle the situation without any commonly believed myths clouding your judgment.
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